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    2. Welcome

      Millenium Natural Health Products, Inc.

      Millenium Natural Health Products is one of the leading nutraceutical contract manufacturers in the United States, with an unwavering commitment to exceeding the highest standards for our customers both domestically and around the world.

      Millenium specializes in a wide variety of products to fill our client’s needs, from the private labeling of vitamins, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, sport nutrition and broad-spectrum nutritional supplements. Our experienced team of scientists, formulators, and manufacturing experts have the years of knowledge necessary to take your concept all the way from initial idea to finished product. On the other hand, if your business already has a tried and tested product, we can provide the support for a simple and cost-effective “turn key” solution to manufacturing your existing formulations.

      For over 20 years, Millenium’s understanding of a diverse marketplace has enabled us to build relationships with hundreds of clients throughout the United States and overseas. To meet the specific demands of any order; we have state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging lines to decrease cost and maximize efficiencies. We certify that all products and labels meet stringent FDA requirements and our Quality Control associates will continually monitor the entire process until your product is delivered.

      In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, our team also provides marketing expertise, graphics design, and multi-pronged sales strategies as part of building a successful partnership with our customers. You can rest assured that Millenium will provide you with the highest quality products to your exact specifications.

      Latest News:

      Millenium Natural Health Products was acquired by Bonne Santé Group, Inc on March 8, 2018. Led by Bill Nicholson, former COO of Amway, Bonne Santé aims to expand Millenium’s product offerings through capital investment and implementation of new state-of-the-art manufacturing practices and product lines.

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